We train machines
to understand complex
financial documents.

Preparing for tax submission is a difficult and time consuming activity. 
Manual work is required to process all financial documents requested from banks in order to file for taxation.

Oromico utilizes technology to automate many of the tedious processes , simplifying your tax filing process. 
How does tax transparency affect you?

With the upcoming implementation of the automatic exchange of financial account information for tax matters in more than 100 major domiciles including China, Indonesia, Taiwan, Japan, Australia and other developed nations, offshore investors need proper tools to support their tax submissions in their respective tax domiciles. 

The development of complex financial products such as structured products, derivatives and private equity together with the desire to maintain multiple banking relationships makes it extremely time consuming and difficult to calculate the correct income and returns.
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Offshore Investors

Ensure that your capital gains, income and expenses are properly calculated across all your investment assets regardless of your domicile.
External Asset Managers 

Easily aggregate across multiple accounts in different financial institutions to determine capital gains and income for your clients.
Banks and Financial Institutions

Partner with us to provide your clients with a comprehensive automated tax reporting service for their investment assets held with you.
Tax Advisors

Partner with us to provide clients with value-adding tax advisory service.

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