Your security is our utmost priority.

Using the most secure technologies, we ensure that every step of your user journey on Oromico is confidential and kept away from prying eyes.

All documents that are uploaded to us are secured using AES-256 bit encryption. Each encryption is secured by a unique key that is not available to anyone else. This mode of encryption is highly secured with no practical ways of attacking it discovered till date. 

Your connection to Oromico is secure and encrypted using SSL ( Secure Sockets Layer).  In addition, sensitive account information such as your password is kept secure using Scrypt. An advanced mode of encryption, it is used even in many crypto-currencies to ensure security. This mode of encryption is designed to hinder attempts of attacks on your information. As such, it is both resource intensive and financially exhaustive to conduct hacks such as brute-force attacks against it.

‍We do not store your credit card information on our servers. When you submit your credit card information, we pass it along to our payments processor Stripe, a PCI Service Provider Level 1 service.
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